Dear Dolphin, you’re a marvellous film

You don’t have so often, not even one time per month usually, a crush on a film. Especially if you pick only among Korean recent films. Indeed, it’s been really a while since I was not really enthusiastic about a Korean film. Recently I found myself to enjoy more some blockbusters such as Masquerade or … Lire la suite

Watch online « Safe », Cannes 2013 Short Film Palme d’Or

Jeudi Movie column of 30th May on Inside Corea. The most interesting Korean film you can watch with subtitles this week is no more no less than this year’s Cannes Film Festival Short Film Palme d’Or. Because as strange as it may seems, the film is shown online below. Safe is the work of a … Lire la suite

Films, soleil et makeolli à Jeonju

Jeudi Movie column of 25th April on Inside Corea. Films, soleil et makeolli à Jeonju Ce jeudi 25 s’ouvre le festival de cinéma de Jeonju, événement qui dynamise pendant une semaine cette ville du Sud de la Corée. La programmation du festival est plutôt cinéphile et découverte, il y a peu de noms très connus. … Lire la suite

Jeudi Movie : Jiseul contre les gros bras

Un nouveau post en français et anglais pour ma rubrique hebdomadaire sur Inside Corea. A new post in french and english for my weekly column on Inside Corea. Avec sous titres, Jiseul contre les gros bras Une bonne nouvelle, le hit indé Jiseul 지슬 dont je parlais la semaine dernière, film de et à propos … Lire la suite

Jeudi Movie on Inside Corea

I’ve started a weekly column in a new website, actually Facebook page yet to be a website, Inside Corea.  Titled « Jeudi Movie », it will deal each Thursday with Korean films just released in Korea, especially independant ones like I’ve always done here. So far, the Facebook layout of Inside Corea, doesn’t help for reading and … Lire la suite

With Pieta, can we still have faith in Kim Ki-duk ?

Having being very busy for a few days, I took time to see Kim Ki-duk’s 김기덕 Pieta, despite my desire to discover the Golden Lion of Venice Film Festival and long awaited new Kim Ki Duk’s fiction after two experimental works I really enjoyed, Amen 아멘 and Arirang 아리랑. There was a great risk to … Lire la suite

Off Busan film festival, around Hanjin’s crane

It’s my first report from Busan film festival, but lets say it will be more about just Busan, and more precisely the events happening here related to the strike at Hanjin factories. It’s also the first time for me to post my film and the film of a friend here, instead of text, because that’s the … Lire la suite

In Pusan 2011, an heroin, a villain, and 23 000 extras

This blog is supposed to deal with korean art, but this article will be about real events. Still, this story deals a lot with film. Let’s open with a flashback : in the middle of this June, an actress, Kim Hyeo-jin has been arrested for having demonstrating, and this news made headlines in the press. 300 … Lire la suite

Late autumn, strangers’ season

Why Late Autumn (만추 say « manchoo ») released since a couple of days in Korea, is the actual Korean film worth to be seen nowadays, especially by foreigners ? A first reason could be that it’s not only a Korean film, but a Korean-american-chinese coproduction. It tells the encounter of a Chinese woman, Anna, and a Korean … Lire la suite

On Late Autumn per decade

          Late Autumn is a monument in Korean cinema history : this story has been told already three times since the sixties, by three of the most prominent directors of the country. At first, by Lee Man-hee in 1966. Those who had the chance to saw it speak about a masterpiece, but unfortunately … Lire la suite

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