Kim Tae-yong’s brand new look on a korean classic

Director Kim Taeyong 김태용 (Late Autumn 만추, Memento Mori…) has directed a special modern rendition of the oldest silent korean film still existing, 청춘의 십자로 (Crossraods of youth), dating from 1934. As only some reels of the film have been found, Kim Tae-yong has made a new edit so that the film is understandable. Dialogues … Lire la suite

The poor dad, the documentarist, and that bastard

It’s hard to film poverty, it’s even harder to film his own poverty. It’s even even harder, I guess, to film the poverty of your father. Not easy to film politics too, and any kind of belief in general, because that lies in people’s heart and sometimes in their secrets. A korean documentary filmmaker, 손경화 … Lire la suite

Up around the bands

The Round Robin event, in club Freebird of Hongdae, was a very exciting music experience, like a mix of a rock festival, but in a live club instead of outdoor, and speed dating event or jazz jam. Eight bands  performed each one song at a time, then the other band started its song, etc, until they … Lire la suite

Du fin fond de Myeongdong…

Les bars coréens n’ont pas vraiment d’adresse et celui-ci, même à Séoul, semble être une caverne au milieu d’une cambrousse, au bout d’un chemin de terre. C’est quelque part à Myeongdong, voilà. Entre là et là, au bout d’une rue qui monte. On y va au milieu d’une nuit déjà bien embrumée, l’amie qui nous … Lire la suite

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