Le cinéma coréen vise l’ennemi

Ce 19 décembre aura lieu l’élection présidentielle en Corée, et le cinéma coréen s’en fait l’écho, faisant resurgir un cinéma politique et réveillant aussi, heureusement, les inspirations. Les fictions 26 years et National Security, notamment, expriment une angoisse profonde de voir la forte popularité de Park Geun-hye 박근혜, femme candidate qui donne une image jolie … Lire la suite

Blood brothers

Jeonju film festival was a new occasion to shed a light on Kim Gok 김곡 and Kim Seon 김선, two twin brothers making indie films in Korea since a decade. You may have never heard of them, but you will very soon. Because their next film, White 화이트, is long-time awaited and will be released this June … Lire la suite

The poor dad, the documentarist, and that bastard

It’s hard to film poverty, it’s even harder to film his own poverty. It’s even even harder, I guess, to film the poverty of your father. Not easy to film politics too, and any kind of belief in general, because that lies in people’s heart and sometimes in their secrets. A korean documentary filmmaker, 손경화 … Lire la suite

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